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First of all,for all of you, welcome to China.


We believe formost foreign friends living in China, there will be some difficulties likeLanguage, jobs, traffic and so on. So we are always trying to figure out ifthere is anything we can help, then we founded the website Vpayfast.com, and wesincerely hope it can help you.


Vpayfast : YourBest Life Assistant While Living in China


1. What Can WeDo?


A.   Recharge Your Alipay and WechatWallet or any other Chinese e-wallet


//Alipay Wallet: Alipay is a paymentplatform used by individuals and businesses for making or receiving payments ina safer, easy-to-use, swift way. Alipay’s users are primarily buyers and sellersengaging in e-commerce transactions. Also you can use it to buy from taobao andmost online shopping platforms in China.


//WeChat Wallet:WeChat is the most popular chatting app in China, almost everyone uses it.Apart from message text, video and audio chat function, WeChat has thee-payment function too.


Why you need toactivate e-payment function?


 Having e-payment function means you need anactive wallet. Many functions like booking taxis, buying cinema tickets, payingbills and transfer money, even to join a chat group which is more than 150people, all need an active wallet(representing the account has been verified)in WeChat.


B. Fulfill YourPayment Requests. We can finish payments to most of the worldwide onlineshopping platforms for you.


2. How Does itWorks? Two Easy steps to finish the transaction.


A. Customersplace orders on vpayfast.com


B. We finishorders in 5 minutes


3. What PaymentMethods Can Be Used on Vpayfast.com?


You can finishyour payment to us with more than 60 local payment methods.


4. Why ChoosingUs?


A. Fast Delivery:We will finish your order in minutes after it be passed.


B. CompetitivePrice: Buy more, save more.


C. 7*24 Service:Guarantee For any problem, just contact our 724 online customer service.


Tips: You canalso place orders overseas whenever/wherever you need. And what we can do ismore than alipay/wechat money transfer!


For moreinformation, please visit our site and contact the customer service.

Our website: http://www.vpayfast.com/?-affi-75116


We know you havea world full of choices, thanks for choosing us. Welcome to China!

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