VPAYFAST Lets Travelers and Expats in China Rapidly Recharge Wallets Using Over 60 Payment Methods

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VPAYFASTwebsite or app is the perfect solution for those working, living, orvacationing in China to transfer money from outside the country to onlinewallets accessible through local Alipay and WeChat accounts in China.

Forthose working, living, or vacationing in China, VPAYFAST provides a rapid, easyand safe method for receiving funds from outside the country.

Itcan be frustrating living or traveling in a foreign country only to run low onmoney needed to enjoy activities or pay for necessities. VPAYFAST offers asolution to such issues by providing users with a way to recharge onlineWallets with their chosen currency.

Userscan transfer any of two dozen currencies by simply selecting their preferredpayment method and Wallet to which they want to receive funds. Over 170countries are included so the currency transfer needs of nearly everyoneresiding, working, or visiting China can be met. Over 2 million users currentlyuse the convenient system.

Financialtransactions take place in less than 5 minutesusually within 1 to 2minutesandcan be made either on the VPAYFAST website or users can download the IOS appand recharge their WeChat or Alipay Wallets anytime from anywhere. An Androidapp is being developed and will be available soon.

Notonly do VPAYFAST users get fast delivery of their desired funds, but theyreceive a competitive price as well that allows them to buy more and save more.Paying Service Delivery is available so customers can have payments made tomost countries and online shopping websites worldwide by the company that sendsa confirmation email once the transaction has been made. Questions and commentsare also addressed via the company’s guaranteed 24 hours a day, 7 day a weekcustomer service.

“We offer a simple, fast and secure method to transfer your money frombank cards, credit cards, PayPal and other places to online wallets of yourchoice. Our system supports the exchange of many different currencies.”VPAYFAST

Aboutthe Company: VPAYFAST has been operating for a year and has over 2 millionusers via its website and IOS app. They are currently developing an Android appwhich will be available soon. The company provides an easy, fast and safemethod for transferring funds from foreign accounts to online Wallets while visiting,living, or working in China.

Thewebsite : http://www.vpayfast.com/?-affi-75116

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