[GUIDE/TIP] Paying directly through WeChat with WeChat Agent

Local News Vpayfast_1 published at 5 month(s) ago

So after searching and searching I founda great way that enables you to pay your WeChat sellers immediately with WeChatWallet, so no more WU fees and restrictions.

As you might know, WeChat wallet is anamazing service that allows Chinese citizens to transfer money to each otherand pay in stores by simply connecting their credit cards and scanning QR codesfor payments.

Now Wallet still doesn’t work forInternational credit cards and is still a struggle if you’re not a Chinesecitizen.

Luckily I found a great solution forthis, called a WeChat Wallet Top Up Agent. Her name is Kiki and her website is vpayfast,com

All you have to do is select WeChatWallet Agent and add the amounts of ¥ that you need into your basket, fill inyour WeChat ID and other information and pay by your credit card. She will thenadd you on WeChat, or you can also add her : Celinenan

And then she will send you a Red Packet,which is the money transfer. Even if you don’t see Wallet in you WeChataccount, someone sending you a Red Packet will enable this feature for you.

Now I wanted to make a payment to aseller which actually doesn’t speak English and I had to translate into Chineseall the time, also this seller ( who sells high quality watches for low prices) is not able to ship the products internationally ( I think he actually worksat the factories ). So what I did is I added my seller and Kiki the WeChatagent into a group and made sure that Kiki transferred the money to my sellersand the seller will now send the watches to the shipping agent I chose before. Kikihelped with the translation and actually made everything really clear. You justneed to recharge ¥ on her website and then she will make everything else done.

Hope this was helpful for you guys.

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