"Chinese Wind" Gifts | 适合送给朋友的“中国风”礼物

2017-01-19 Nadia&Daisy dalianlaowai dalianlaowai

中国风 (Zhōngguó fēng) means "Chinese style", but if translated literally it becomes "Chinese wind". We like the literal translation more.

Hello, Laowai!

Winter holiday has finally come, and some of you might be going home. If you are still struggling to decide about what to give your family and friends back home, then we will help you to narrow down your choices with this list of "Chinese wind" gifts.

Here is our list* of "Chinese Wind" Chinese gifts:

*This list doesn't have any particular order

Paper-Cutting Artworks

(Jiǎnzhǐ zuòpǐn 剪纸作品)

Hand Fan

(Shànzi 扇子)

Although hand fans are not exclusively Chinese, hand fans with Chinese painting or calligraphy arts on it will be a good choice for "中国风 (Zhōngguó fēng)" souvenirs. Besides, they are relatively affordable and useful. 

Chinese Hairpin

(Fā zān 发簪)

Chinese hairpins are the perfect souvenirs for those who have long hair. 

Hairpins are an important symbol in Chinese culture. In ancient China, hairpins were worn by all genders, and they were essential items for everyday hairstyling, mainly for securing and decorating a hair bun. Furthermore, hairpins worn by women could also represent their social status.

Silk and Silk Products

(Sīchóu 丝绸)

Chinese silk is famous all over the world for its magnificent quality, color and variety. Particularly, silk products from Hangzhou, Sichuan, Suzhou and Dandong are well-known for their quality. Silk can be made into chi-pao (Chinese-styled long gown), clothes and other accessories, making them one of the best souvenir choices.

Cheongsam / Qipao

(Qípáo 旗袍)

Chinese Knotting

(Zhōngguójié 中国结)

Chinese knotting is a decorative handicraft art that began as a form of Chinese folk art in the Tang and Song Dynasty (960-1279 CE) in China. It was later popularized in the Ming). The art is also referred to as "Chinese traditional decorative knots".

Four Treasures of the Study

(Wénfángsìbǎo 文房四宝)

Four Treasures of the Study, Four Jewels of the Study or Four Friends of the Study is an expression used to denote the brush, ink, paper and ink stone used in Chinese and other East Asian calligraphic traditions.

Chinese Calligraphy 

(Shūfǎ zuòpǐn 书法作品)

Chinese Painting

(Zhōngguóhuà 中国画)

Chinese Opera Masks

(Jīngjù xìqǔ liǎnpǔ 京剧戏曲脸谱)

Opera masks with all sorts of colors used in Chinese operas are a special art. Specifically in the Peking Opera, different colors have a variety of meanings. This is a great choice for anyone who loves opera and the arts.


(Shūzi 梳子)

Mù shū 木梳

Wooden comb. Just like its name, it's made of wood.

Niújiǎo shū 牛角梳

This one is called ox horn comb. And, just like its name, it's made of... ox horn.

Shadow Puppetries

(Píyǐngxì 皮影戏)

Shadow play is one of the oldest operas in China. It rooted in ancient Chang’an over 2000 years ago, and prevailed in Tang Dynasty and Song Dynasty. It is a kind of national drama in China which performs stories by lighting silhouettes of dramatic personae made of leathers or chipboards. 

This makes shadow puppets one of the signature gifts from China.


(Kuàizi 筷子)

Still remember how you used to struggle to eat with chopsticks? Oh, you still do? Then why don't you share the joy with others!


(Fēng zheng 风筝)

Porcelain Products

(Cíqì 瓷器)

Porcelain, also called “fine china”, is one of the earliest artworks introduced to  the western world through the Silk Road. It is an artform that has been developing ever since the dynastic periods.

Jade Products

(Yù 玉)

Chinese Snacks

(Zhōngguó tèsè xiǎochī 中国特色小吃)

Jīng bā jiàn 京八件

A snack from Beijing.

Mì jiàn 蜜饯

All kinds of candied fruits, including raisins, dried figs, Jiǔ zhì yángméi, dried plums, etc.

Zòngzi 粽子

Rice dumplings. There are two kinds of dumplings, they are meat dumplings and sweet dumplings. Meat dumplings are from southern China, and sweet dumplings are from northern China

Ròu zòng 肉粽

Hóng zǎo zòng zī 红枣粽子

...and many more

Chinese Red Dates

(Hóng zǎo 红枣)

Besides being "Chinese wind", these dried fruits are also extremely healthy.


(Chá 茶)

China has a long history of drinking tea. People drink tea on social occasions, or simply for good health. There are six main types of Chinese tea based on different processing:  green tea, black tea, oolong tea, white tea, yellow tea and pu’er tea.

Tea Set

(Chá jù 茶具)

Wines and Spirits

(Jiǔ pǐn 酒品)

Traditional Chinese Medicine

(Zhōngyào 中药)

Traditional Chinese Medicine is an integral part of Chinese culture. Traditional Chinese medicines play a major role in Chinese lifestyle that is substantially different than the role of medicines in the west. The use of traditional herbs and potions lies at the core of Chinese medicine.

There are thousands of herbs that are used as medicines, including Aconite root, Camellia, Cayenne, Chinese Cucumber, Chrysanthemum flowers, Cocklebur fruit, Cow Dipper, Croton Seed, Ginger, Ginseng, etc.

So, these are the "Chinese wind" gifts. We hope this list can help you to find perfect souvenirs for your family and friends. And, of course, if you know more, feel free to share with us!

By the way, Most of the gifts on the list can be bought on Taobao. If you still don't know how to Taobao, please click here How to Taobao(App Version)| 图文详解,教你如何用手机淘宝(英文版)