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So, how long has it been since the last time you had a pure brewed beer?

In this edition of fā xiàn Dalian, we'll introduce a very stylish restaurant bar to you!



ME Restaurant & Pub


YES, there are many restaurant bars in Dalian. However, the one that we're introducing today is a bit different from those you usually find around Dalian. ME Restaurant & Pub has something else to offer: its minimalist industrial decor that pleases the eye.


     The Environment | 环境篇     

 The Bar 


Once you enter the restaurant, you will see the bar and all kinds of drinks are ready to be mixed and served. Pick one item from the menu and chat with the bartender for a relaxing evening.


The restaurant has a total of three floors, each floor has its own characteristics. There are also private rooms which are perfect for meetups with friends and classmates.


 The Basement 


I guess we can all agree that the basement looks amazing. Plus, there's live music every evening here!


From the details of the decoration, we can tell that the owner pays attention to every inch of the restaurant.



     The Drinks | 酒饮篇     

 Home-Brewed Beers 


The main beers here are brewed by two American brewers.


There are many home-brewed beers sold here; each has its own distinct style and taste.


My friend and I ordered a glass of “血猫头” and “南天门” respectively. The taste of brewed beer is something you can define only after trying it yourself. However, I personally recommend “血猫头” because it tastes very good!


Sitting on the bar, I couldn't resist taking pictures.


 Other Drinks 


Seeing so many drinks being put on the display, I immediately thought that drink lovers would definitely love this place.


Do you see Fuji Mountain? Actually, there is also pale pink color form the cherry blossom wine, too bad it doesn't show here. This is one particularly pretty cocktail, very suitable for ladies.


Of course, if you like whiskey, there are also many kinds that you can choose here. Just talk to the bartender and he will recommend you the drink that suits your mood.


    The Western Restaurant | 西餐篇    

 The Kitchen 


This restaurant has an open kitchen with a woodfire oven installed (the owner obviously invested a lot of money on this one). Therefore, it is recommended that you try their woodfire pizza.


Most of the pizzas sold nowadays are baked in an electric oven. Woodfire baked pizza has become a rare commodity, and ME Restaurant & Pub is one of the few that serve it. Once you've tried woodfire baked pizza, you'll be more selective the next time you order a pizza :)


The mastery of the fire is the focus of the woodfire baked pizza.


You should definitely try it! It's non-greasy and, of course, delicious.


Other than pizza, the restaurant also serves many other splendid dishes.


 Brown Grilled Pork Chop 


 German Sausage 


 Rosemary Grilled Lamb Chop 


In addition, ME Restaurant & Pub can also be rented for events like reunion, gathering, etc. 


     Detailed information | 详细信息     

 ME Restaurant & Pub 


Address:Hóng Líng lù 818 hào / 红凌路818号 (across Jīngmào Gāozhōng 经贸高中)

Hotline:+86 13841127393

Working hours:

Monday - Thursday and Sunday, 11:00 - 00:00

Friday and Saturday, 11:00 - 02:00 the following day

How to get there:

By Bus 3路 or 36路, get off at Xīn Líng Jítuán (鑫凌集团) bus stop


联系电话:+86 13841127393


周一至周四及周日,11:00 - 00:00

周五、周六,11:00 - 次日02:00



Still don't have plans for this weekend? 

Take your friend out to ME and chill :)


- END -