【fā xiàn Dalian】MT. Fish-tail Restaurant | 鱼尾山尼泊尔餐厅

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fā xiàn Dalian, discovering sides of Dalian you haven't heard about.


DalianLaowai · fā xiàn Dalian

大连老外 · 发现大连

We've found an authentic Nepali restaurant!


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On November 24, 6:30 pm, Daisy and her friends had an authentic Nepalese meal at the Mt. Fish-tail Restaurant. The restaurant was opened about a month ago, and that's why we're introducing it to you.


Mutton set meal


    Restaurant Introduction    

The name of the restaurant Mt. Fish-tail, comes from a beautiful mountain located in Nepal called Fishtail, 6993m tall in Annapurna Himalayan range with a spectacular shape of a fish tail and its astonishing beauty draws a lot of attention among tourists. It is revered by the local population as particularly sacred to the god Shiva, and hence is off limits to climbing. Nepal has a lot of ethnics and tribal crowd with a vast variety of taste in their food, often cooked in traditional methods of cooking. Especially, Thakali and Newari Food is popular in the city crowd. So, we are trying to provide a blend of authentic taste and traditional cuisine from Nepal. It’s unknown to most Chinese people but as Chinese are always interested in trying new things, we are getting a welcoming response here in Dalian, China which makes it the only Nepalese restaurant in the city. 


    Chef Introduction    

They are very lucky to find an experienced chef from Nepal who worked in Nepalese food department of Radisson Hotel, a star-rated Hotel for almost 7 years. Even the owners of the restaurant was involved in the restaurant business in a tourist hotspot, Thamel in Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal running a pie vegetarian restaurant called New Tripti for 9 years. So there’s no doubt you will find a genuine taste of Nepal. The most important point is whether you will like it or not & we have high expectations that you will.


    About the Food    

Some recommended dishes:

Nepali khana(meal) set- it comes with a full set of proper Nepalese meal, generally eaten by bare hands but you can definitely use fork, spoons or even chopsticks. It comes with rice, mutton or chicken or fish, dal(lentil soup), mixed vegetable, green veggie, papad and anchar(a special Nepali fresh pickle), salad & aloo paratha(stuffed potato bread). It also has - Nepalese momo(steamed Nepali dumplings) and banana lassi(a youghurt milk n banana shak)as starters.

Recommended Snacks which blends with alcoholic drinks- Chicken Fry, Fish fry, Fried Chicken & Mutton MoMo, Vegetable Pakoda, Aloo Pakoda, Jeera Aloo and many more for which you should visit once to give it a try! 

    The Menu    

    What's Special?    

  • Open Mic Days | 麦克开放日

Every Wednesday is Open Mic Day at Mt. Fishtail Restaurant where you can sing on stage ;)


  • Nepali decorations | 尼泊尔服饰

  • Provides Chinese & English services | 提供中英文服务

    Restaurant Info    

Address:Inside Xinghai Park, close to Shengya Sea World (圣亚海洋世界), the first floor is bumper cars arena, the second floor is the restaurant

Working hours:10:00 - 22:00

(in December and during cold weather, the restaurant opens on Monday, Tuesday, Saturday, and Sunday at 10:00-20:00, on Wednesday and Friday at 17:00 - 22:00)


How to get there

By Bus 16路, 22路, 23路, 28路, 37路, 202路, 406路, 528路, 531路, or 901路, get off at Yī Dà èr Yuàn (医大二院) bus stop








Experience Nepal at Mt. Fish-tail Restaurant!


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