Can I enter China with expired passport?

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Today, there was a discussion about whether your visa is still valid when you change your passport on WeChat group chat "What's Going DOWN?!?!". 

We figured that some of you might stumble upon this trouble in the future, so we decided to share the discussion with you in this post, in the hope of helping you in case the problem occurs.

Q: Hey. I'm trying to renew my passport while I'm out of China and that would mean my visa will be in my old passport. Does anyone know if it will still be valid and I can enter China on it ?

Q: I know this applies for other Chinese visas but I'm not sure if it does for work visas 

Here is the content of the discussion:

Mars Aria: Well for future reference. The Entry Exit bureau said it's possible. Thanks

Scott: I believe the answer is no. The Chinese embassy may be able to "transfer" the visa to your new passport. I went through this IN China, and they needed to transfer the visa as, after expiration, the passport is no longer a valid, legal docunent. @Mars Aria 

Scott: lol

Scott: But it will need to be transferred asap. Nice to know they are understanding enough to let you back in.

Brian: @Mars Aria it depends on if your country will give you your old passport.

Scott: I'd get the phone number of someone in Exit/Entry is you have issues at Customs 

Mars Aria: Well my passport isn't expired. Just out of pages. 

Mars Aria: So I need a new one. But they just double confirmed that it's ok 

Brian: If they will then you return to China with both and need to immediately (or as they instruct you) go to the entry exit bureau and of course the police station

Brian: We recently did this. It's a little unnerving but it works just fine. The customs official didn't even look twice when I handed them both passports. 

Mars Aria: Great. Thanks. They said it's necessary to get a new blue paper immediately. And go the the bureau's within 10 days 

鲁赫(Harry): @Mars Aria  @Brian @Scott 

I would like to take screenshots of these conversation and post it to other expats just in case they will be in need of this information. Will that be cool with you guys?

Mars Aria: Sure

Brian: Sure. Just keep in mind that things always change and may not be the same for every country. 

Mars Aria: Well according to them this should apply for countries that have "native English speakers" 

鲁赫(Harry): ok, thanks, but at least know the possibilities.

Brian: I'm not a teacher for reference. 

Alex: oh happened to me last year 

Alex: no big deal, you can, no extra paperwork , just show up with the old passeport it ease the procedure 

Hope this helps!

And thanks for everyone's reply!

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