Exit-Entry Administration Of Dalian Municipal Public Security

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Exit-entry Administration of Dalian Municipal Public Security Bureau

If you're a foreigner in Dalian, you need to be familiar with this place. Exit-entry Administration of Dalian Municipal Public Security Bureau is the place where you need to come every time you have anything that connected with your Chinese Visa.

If you need to apply for Chinese Visa, change your visa type, move the visa from old passport to the new one (it cost 200 RMB), all need to be done in this place. As a foreigner in Dalian, you need to remember if the failure to do any of those requirement will make you receive a penalty.

All the activity related to the foreigners are held in the second floor. However, you still need to be able to understand some basic Chinese since most of the officer are not fluent in English

As usual, you need to take a number before doing anything. They will call your number and show to which counter you need to go based on your need.

You will be required to fill in such type of form, the answer will be depending on your need. After you submit it, usually the officer will print the paper with all of your credential and you can check afterward.

If you live far away from this place, the bureau provide a delivery service using EMS that will cost you 20 RMB.

What to prepare:

  1. Passport

  2. Blue Paper (Residence Permit)

  3. Picture (passport size)

  4. Copy of your passport picture page, last visa and the stample of your last entry

  5. Cash

Contact Details

Website: http://www.gacrj.dl.gov.cn/

Address: 辽宁省大连市甘井子区中华东路(泉水二十高中东行1500米交警机动车检测中心) /Liáoníng shěng dàlián shì gānjǐng zi qū zhōng huádōng lù (quánshuǐ èrshí gāozhōng dōng xíng 1500 mǐ jiāojǐng jī dòngchē jiǎncè zhōngxīn)

Tel number: (0411)86766108

How to go there:

By Bus: #38 stop at 检测中心 (Jiǎncè zhōngxīn)

By LRT: stop at 泉水 (Quánshuǐ)

By Taxi: simply say: 大连市公安局出入境管理局 (Dàlián shì gōng'ān jú chū rùjìng guǎnlǐ jú)

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