How to Use IP Card to make International Call | 如何使用 IP 卡打国际电话

2016-11-23 The Team dalianlaowai dalianlaowai

When you're in China, you can't just simply use your number to make a call outside the country. You need to buy an IP card in order to do that. Luckily, they're cheap and widely available at grocery stores. However, not all IP cards are suitable for every phone, even though usually you can use IP cards through fix-lined phones and cell-phones.


What is IP card?

IP card (Voice Over IP card) is a virtual phone card. It uses IP-telephony to reduce the rate of telecommunication. It works the same way as a real phone. Surely it is very economical to make an international call with IP card in China.


Who are issuers of IP cards in China?

In China, the main issuers of IP cards are the top telecommunation companies such as China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom.

The first thing that you need to do before buying your IP cards is to ask the precise card that can be used for your provider. Tell the shop assistant your mobile company's provider (China Unicom, China Mobile, or China Telecom). Sometimes, they might sell the IP card that can be used for all mobile provider and they can even help you to register the card through your cell-phones.

Domestic long-distance calls and international calls charge different fees. You can dial China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom customer service numbers to get price details.

  • China Mobile's IP card: dial 17950

  • China Telecom's IP card: dial 17908

After you buy the IP card, you will get something more or less similar with this card.


To register:

dial 179098 → 1# → dial the set of originally covered number # → listen to the voice prompt


To recharge:

dial 179098 → listen to the voice prompt


To use after registration:

  • To call a mobile phone in another city in China:

    Please dial 17909 + 0 + the cell phone number

  • To make a DDD (Domestic Direct Dial) call:

    Please dial 17909 + the city code + the telephone number

  • To make an IDD (International Direct Dial) call:

    Please dial 17909 + 00 + the country code + the city code + the telephone number

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