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I have been living in Dalian for 7 years. In general, the city is very comfortable for living; it has good climate and friendly people. There is no need to get used to something new around here. This place makes ones who is naive into a confident person with own temper. At last Dalian makes you fall in love with it, and you will not be able to imagine yourself in another place,  so u will feel uncomfortable everywhere except here.

在大连生活七年,总的来说大连确实是一个不需要特别挑战非常适合人们居住的城市,舒服的气候, 方便的交通,这是一个不需要你拿性子一点点去磨合的城市,它会把你娇惯成一个有脾气的人,以至于换到任何地方都会嫌弃环境不舒服,气候干燥。 


Staying in that comfort zone for so long, I was in some sort of uncertainty. Back at that time, I followed the direction I thought I wanted to go in my life. Following this very direction, out of the blue, I realized different opportunities, which put me into a doubt I was right or wrong. There is one Chinese idiom, which describes very well my mood during that period: “Hope for better, but get prepared for worth”. However, everything was too simple and quite comfortable that caused some state of fear. I am the person who is terribly scared to live a routine life, in another word, “if today is like a yesterday it is just wasted”. That’s the reason I will try my best to learn more, at least trying to nibble at something new or on the contrary learn as much as possible. In fact, it is not only because of my passion to learn, no,  but facing the fear that one day will be the last one for you, when u have to leave this world. When this very day comes at last, you will realize that a good number of things, which could be done by you, didn’t come true.


The reason for my passion to shoot is deep in my nature. I love the process of pushing the button and imprinting moments of somebody’s life. Every time trying to use new foreshortening of unknown places or some strangers I get inspired.  To be honest, if I was concentrated only on shooting good pictures I would rather quit it. I do believe, that the photo can tell us much more than the words. One photo can enlighten the entire world, the life totally different from ours. As a famous photographer, Ansel Adams said once: “We do not just shoot photos; we transfer through each photo what kind of books we read, what movies we watched what music we tend to listen, which path we took and who we loved.

最初喜欢摄影的原因也和自己的性格有关,我非常喜欢按下快门那种决定性瞬间,着迷于胶片中不知道图像画面的那种未知快感,每次拍摄陌生的环境,未知的人物,尝试新的构图角度,都会让我兴奋。如果摄影仅仅是为了得到一个好照片,估计我早就厌倦这个职业了。我认为图像是比文字更具象的信息载体,通过摄影,我们能看到更多眼界外的世界,更多他人的生活。摄影师Ansel Adams说过“我们不只是用相机拍照,我们带到摄影中去的是所有我们读过的书、看过的电影、听过的音乐、走过的路、爱过的人。” 

Those people, who know me quite well used to say I am good at shooting females. I prefer to shoot girls without any fake lashes and color contact lenses, without all that tinsel, their eyes look like gimlets. Most of the girls are so flabbergasted when they look at the screen of my camera and see how incredibly beautiful they are, they find themselves hardly believing in their beauty. In fact, each woman in peace and harmony looks unbelievably gorgeous. However, in daily life women don’t notice their charm. I am trying to capture the charm they have but have not found. Regarding the shooting process itself, I don’t stick to any determined rules in order to succeed in shooting, I have to understand and be able to see inner world of each woman. Beautiful pictures come out not because of the Photoshop or good photo equipment, but as a result of deeper and fuller understanding of a person.  Especially while working with females, you have to take your time to feel her and pay attention to details. Chinese girls have mystifying charm. Through the photo taken with the proper light there is the possibility to catch outrageous color of skin, to capture the mood in her glance to find in her body curves those feelings which she keeps in a secret.

了解我的人都知道我很擅长拍摄女 孩,我拍的所有姑娘基本都是不带假睫毛和美瞳的,这样会显得眼神通透和干净。很多姑娘看到相机里的照片会吃惊的觉得自己漂亮的都已经不像自己了,其实就是你自己,女人在投入一种安静的状态下是最具有魅力的,只不过自己这么真实的一面在生活中很难被发现,我只是负责拍到她的这份美好。关于拍摄过程我没有固定的思维,总之要想拍的美而真实就要了解这个拍摄对象,拍的美不是因为技术,而是因为了解。尤其是拍摄女孩,要看,要慢,要感受,要用心。中国女孩子的美是含蓄、耐人寻味的。可以通过作品,透过光线捕捉到皮肤呈现的色彩,感知拍摄对象眼神里所表达的情绪,甚至可以从她的曲线,了解她不愿泄露的心情……

It is well known that nowadays people like to make selfie, using Photoshop, fixing their skin color and making their face thinner. Does it really work out? Following the trends, we tend to forget what real beauty is. While correcting our look we are losing ourselves.  There is no need to wear bright make-up and put on something brand to, have clean and clear skin with a red lipstick on your lips is enough to look naturally gorgeous.




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