Humans of Dalian - Lil Black(中英文版)

The Team dalianlaowai


小黑, Lil Black, 28 years old

Jazz, Kpop, hip hop dancer

“Dancing is all about having fun. Enjoy and be cool.”


Jazz, Kpop, hip hop舞者


Since I was 13, I’ve been developing a passion for dancing after watching videos of famous dancers from the USA, South Korea, and Japan, like Riehata. 


At 7 years old, I started performing “minzu” dancing, which is some kind of traditional Chinese dance, but it wasn’t really my style. 


Then, in 2008, I moved from my city in Fushun, Liaoning to come to Dalian in order to pursue my Bachelor’s degree at Dongbei University of Finance and Economics. It was in this city that I started taking dancing classes despite my parents’ disapproval: they, indeed, wanted me to focus mainly on studies. However, dancing was in my veins and I could not imagine my life without it, so I insisted on training Jazz and Kpop with teachers. Yet, my favorite style was (and still is) hip hop, but by that time it was not popular. Therefore, I had to learn it on my own by watching videos online. 

2008年的时候,我从抚顺来到大连东北财经大学,开始了我的大学生活。也是在大连,我重新开始了我的街舞生涯,尽管我的父母并不赞成我这个想法,他们更希望我能够好好的完成我的学业。不过,我依旧义无反顾的坚持着,我的灵魂无时无刻都渴望着跳舞,舞蹈就是我的一切,因此,我一直坚持和我的老师一起练习Jazz和Kpop,尽管我最喜欢的风格是hip hop,不过那时候的嘻哈文化并不流行,我只能通过网络上的视频来学习。


I dance every day for about three hours, except from Friday which is my rest day. When I have some free time, I am the kind of person who enjoys staying at home watching movies or eating good healthy food with friends. Moreover, listening to music is a great part of my life. My playlists mainly include songs with a great beat like those by Chris Brown and Rihanna. 

除了每周五我会休息以外,每天的跳舞时间大约是3小时。闲余时间,我喜欢宅在家里看看电影,或者和朋友吃一些健康的美食,听音乐也是我生活中重要的一部分,播放列表里主要是Chris Brown和Rihanna的歌曲。

Dancing also made me find love nine years ago, since my husband and I share the same passion. In 2016, we got married. After that, we decided to open our studios called “Black Gangsta”: in January 2017, the first one in Heishijiao and, in December 2017, the other one in Xi’An Lu. Since I really care about giving my clients a good service, I am glad I could not only be the owner, but also the manager of the places. Altogether, we are working with other two teachers giving classes to different age groups, ranging from 5 to 45 years old. 

也是因为舞蹈,让我遇到我的挚爱,很高兴我的丈夫与我一样对舞蹈充满着热情。2016年,我们结婚了,那之后,我们决定开一间舞蹈工作室,并起名为“Black Gangsta”,2017年1月份,我们在黑石礁开了第一家店;同年12月,在西安路开了第二家店。为了给我的客户最好的服务,我亲力亲为,并不仅仅是这家店的老板,也是这里的经理,管理着大小事务。工作室除了我们俩之外,还有另外两位老师,学生年龄从5岁到45岁不等。

To tell the truth, my journey has not always been smooth. There have been moments when I felt like giving up, since I was not making any progress. But, as I advice to my students, the key is to “坚持和努力” which means “persist and work hard.” In addition to this, I had to make some sacrifices to get to where I am today: among them, the biggest one was giving up a lot of free time useful to get some rest or to visit my parents in Fushun.


Diet is also something that needs to be taken care of in order to build a strong body and that’s why I pursue a healthy lifestyle.


Fashion is another passion I have. I think that when dancing, your dress code really matters. For example, for jazz music I like wearing sexy clothes, while for Kpop I usually choose a loose style because it feels more comfortable. In my two studios, you can purchase the clothes designed by myself with the “Black Gangsta” logo.


I am a “beifangren” (a Northerner), therefore I really like Dalian. In particular, I love going to 滨海路, Binhailu, as I walk and relax by the sea. Overall, the city is a great place to live in because it has clean fresh air as well as green areas.


However, if I had the opportunity to move, I would choose the USA because I could improve my dancing skills.


- END -