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2015-08-01 dalianlaowai dalianlaowai

Hi, Dalian Laowai's friends. We, Dalian Laowai always try to make your living in Dalian as easy and as happy as possible! Based on that motivation, now we are providing a new thing that can help you called "Interactive Service"!

What is Interactive Service?

Interactive Service is a new service that Dalian Laowai will provide through our WeChat Public in order to help your life easier by answering all of your question about Dalian 'live'.

How to use Interactive Service?

Simpy by typing to us 'Hi', then we will greet you and you can start asking your question (preferably in English or Chinese)! If we ever make a post about it, we will reply your question with that post, but if we haven't make post about it, we will find the answer and will reply instantly to you.

What type of Question is appropriate for Interactive Service?

We will not limit the topic of this service. You can ask every question that you need, whether it's translation, how to do something, where to find something, etc. However, please make it polite and ask question about Dalian since we are expert about Dalian.

When Interactive Service is ready to be used?

Start from 1st of August, our new service is ready to be launched. However, please noted if this will be trial period until September. We will evaluate our service and decide afterward whether you, as our dear Dalian Laowai's friends think if this service is helpful and necessary or not.

What time Interactive Service is operating?

During trial period, Interactive Service will only work from Monday to Friday, start from 8 AM until 6 PM. We will try to answer your question as fast as possible. However, if we can't obtain the information, we will inform you.

How much is the price of Interactive Service?

Free of charge! The Interactive Service will be free of charge in the time being. We will surely inform you if there is any other change.

Before asking us question, you also can check our 'autoreply' service. Here is the list of things that ready for autoreply (you can type it on our public wechat and it will give you straight answer) :

  • bus routes: to see how to use auto-reply for checking bus routes

  • bus: to see the list of bus-routes in Dalian.

  • more bus: to see the list of more bus routes in Dalian.

  • Restaurant: to see the list of restaurants in Dalian.

  • Metro: to see the list of metro line

  • Shoplist: to see the list of shopping mall in Dalian.

  • moreshops: to see the list of more shopping mall in Dalian.

  • Visa: To get list of important visa in Mainland China.

  • Hospital: To see the list of hospital that have foreign department in Dalian

  • Airport: To see the information about Dalian International Airport.

Please remember if autoreply system in WeChat is case sensitive, so if you didn't get the answer after typing the code in the list, it might be because of the differences in the spacing.

We hope you will enjoy our new service!

Dalian Laowai, we help foreigners for real!

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