Summer Activity: Chengyuan Water Park and Hot Spring

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Dalian Chengyuan Hot Spring Villa (成园山庄 or Chéng yuán shānzhuāng) wins 11 world’s top records honorably and the Hot Spring Spa Paradise alone enjoys 9 of the special honors.

The villa enjoys the world’s largest tropical rainforest hot springs spa center and the outdoor hot spring resort featuring the natural landscape. The Jade Buddha enshrined in the main hall of the villa’s Jade Buddha Temple is currently the world’s largest hemo jade Buddha. The hot spring water of the villa is the ancient times deep hot spring water from 735 million years ago, while the mineral water of the villa is natural composite mineral water.

Chengyuan Hot Spring Villa is set in the natural contours of the natural landscape,and is endowed with the charm of relics of garden pavilion, and is the perfect combination of the return to nature and modern luxury. The villa is a National AAAA grade scenic spot, amidst mountains and waters, lush vegetation, fresh air and beautiful scenery in the forest park of the western suburbs, and is an excellent health and rejuvenation destination. The villa provides a comprehensive integration of dining and accommodations, hot springs baths, conference facilities, meetings services and various entertainment and sports facilities. It is truly an excellent one-stop service concept ideal destination.


Listed Price for Admission Ticket of Spa Paradise is 299 RMB/Person/24 Hours

(We presently implement Stage1 preferential measures for opening of the Third House, which is experience preferential prices)

Mon. – Fri.

Sat., Sun. and Festivals and Holidays


150 RMB/Person

169 RMB/Person

Children < 1.5 M

75 RMB/Person

85 RMB/Person

Value Card

209 RMB/Person

229 RMB/Person

Listed Price for Admission Ticket of Spa Paradise is 299 RMB/Person/24 Hours

(You can enjoy special offer during evening shows, which is 40% discount. Evening show begins at 17:00 and ends at 09:00 of the next day. This policy is valid from Jul. 10, 2012)

Mon. – Thursday

Fri, Sat, Sun and Festivals and Holidays


99 RMB/Person

109 RMB/Person

Children < 1.5 M

50 RMB/Person

55 RMB/Person

Value Card

159 RMB/Person

199 RMB/Person

Admission ticket for Tropical Rainforest Hot Spring Spa Paradise of Dalian Chengyuan Hot Spring Villa includes:

  1. The first spa house and the second spa house in the Spa Paradise are connected, while the second spa house and the third one are connected.

  2. Present a towel

  3. Hot Spring Swimming Pool (there are 7 hot spring pools: including 2 international standard hot spring pools, 1 hotspring pool for beginners, 2 amusement hot spring pools and 2 children amusement hot spring pools.)

  4. Hot Spring Bath Pool (there are 52 hot spring bathpools: including 8 natural essential oil aromatic SPA hot spring bath poolswith different curative effects, 8 ginseng nourishing SPA hot spring bathpools, 11 top-grade open hot spring bath pools and 1 hot spring bubble pool. Others are high-temperature and intermediate-temperature bath pools. All SPA essential oils are "Yuncaotang" natural essential oils.)

  5. Theme Recreation Leisure Pools (4 theme recreation leisure pools).

  6. Cartoon facilities for paddling pool

  7. Cartoon inflatable castle

  8. Jurassic Park

  9. Life-preserving Functional House (there are 13 functional rooms including the sauna room, fire drake bath, sky-mud room, etc)

  10. Sauna Bath

  11. Cybercafe

  12. Gymnasium and Billiards Room

  13. Relaxation Hall

  14. Theatrical Performance

Address: 66 Liushu Street Hongqi Sub-district Ganjingzi District, Dalian, China

Time Duration by Car:

  • 10 minutes from Dalian International Airport

  • 15 minures from Dalian Railway Station

  • 15 minutes from Dalian's Downtown

  • 30 minutes from Dalian Port

How to go there:

By bus:

#709 stop at Chengyuan villa station (成园山庄 or Chéng yuán shānzhuāng)

#36 stop at Jinliu west road station (金柳西路 or Jīn liǔ xī lù

Free Shuttle Bus:

Going to Chengyuan Hot Spring Villa direction

  • Malan Square Haiquan Hotel front gate at 9:00 AM

  • WalMart (Olympic Branch) west gate at 9:15 AM

  • Zhongshan Park Main Entrance at 9:30 AM

  • Walmart (Olympic Branch) west gate at 5:00 PM

  • Malan Square Haiquan Hotel front gate at 5:30 PM

Leave from Chengyuan Hot Spring Villa

  • At 8:30 AM to Malan Square

  • At 4:00 PM to Walmart (Olympic Branch) west gate

  • At 9:45 PM to Malan Square (Monday to Thursday)

  • At 10:15 PM to Malan Square (Friday to Sunday and holidays)

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