This Week In Dalian - 2019/05/10

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If you are looking for a Chinese learning option,

Now you have ONE


Go and meet them ↓ in person , think they will not bite...


Office: 0411-39253161

Add: 开发区金马路2号远洋壹中心(橡树公馆)B座1001室 / Room 1001, Tower B, No. 2, Jinma Road, DDA, Dalian

We are sorry about the spelling mistakes (typos) happened in last issue, but we have a lot of views!  That means typos are important to get attention. Thus there will be some within this issue, read & catch them :-)

 عيد مبارك

Good one-month journey for you!

Some of you may feel really hungry

hang in there, 

you STILL have 3 more weeks to go, 

with support and understanding from all of us

click this link to read 

"What is Ramadan"

 Dalian Local News 

5G Wifi @ Dalian International Airport 

Dalian International Airport now has 5G wifi coverage, nothing very exciting except that the internet speed is 50-100 times faster. I know many of you don't have 5G smart phone yet (inlcuding me!), that's why they offer WIFI, just give us a bite of 5G.

Remeber: only avaible to international passengers departure area.. Using passport matters.

Dalian Yifang Football Club's Game On

This Saturday, May 11, 2019 15:30

You can grab your beer tickets with the following link ↓

the place is called "大连体育中心体育场", you can show to taxi driver


Printmaking exhibition @ Dalian Zhongshan Art Gallery

May 11 to June 16, 2019

The exhibition captures a lot of memories of our generation of 70s-80s, very beauiful work.  If you would like to have a preivew, found some of them here

The Rotaract Club of Dalian is 2 years old

1 picture  = 1000 words ?

Here you go — the 1000 words

Interested in Driving on the roads in China

if you really have that lot of guts, now I can offer my 2 cents: 

  • cent 1: you need to obtain a Chinese driving license

  • cent 2: if you are chinese character blind & deaf, you can considering taking the practice test in English

You are welcome! 

A good local translation company in Dalian

it is recommended by an expat (the birthday person last week in last issue) in Dalian. If you ever need a good translation service, here you go:


Dalian Trans-Universe Translation&Interpretation Co., Ltd.






wechat ID: translation_dl

Remember Hugo the wine? Remember Grace the makeup? Now they team up on an event.

Grace is hosting an makeup event in KFQ area, with some wine tasting. No one is against beauty, even if you are allergic to wine.

2 Butt-kicking Workouts

Good name.

Here are another 1000 words ↓

A family-friendly event in KFQ

" Friends, Mother's Day is coming up....don't forget to sign up.

Saturday May 11th 9:30 am till 11:30 - plant an  herb or flower for mom.  Then take it home and watch it grow.  An event  the whole family can enjoy. "

We are trying to bring more local & fun news in Dalian to expats group. If there are news updates you think we should cover, please please contact us here — It is free (in speech and in beer) to talk to us..  ↓