This Week In Dalian - 2019/05/31

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 On June 9-10 , there will be  a fitting day  by  ANNA BROWNIE lingerie  for all the beauties and fashionistas of Dalian. Enjoy some good wine and snacks while you look beautiful.


ANNA BROWNIE lingerie is located in  Shuma area(数码广场) . It has been in good business for 3 years and thousands of women trust its quality and fashion design products.

Please long-press the image below to contact the owner, if you are coming to the fitting day or want to buy some fashion wear.



 coolest video on Dalian ever 

A graduate-to-be in Dalian Martime University Just Impressed the City

4 years ago he came to Dalian Maritime University for education. 4 years later before he leave the city after his gradation, he released a video that shocked the city. Many wow-it-is-so-beautiful moments.

The shooting started on Sep 11, 2018 and finished on May 22, 2019, spanning 8 months. There are 598 video clips, 25,966 photos, and 706 GB storage behind the video.

His name is 梁炳全 (liáng bǐng quán). Here is the story (click to read) behind the shooting. Please note: The story is in Chinese.

Thank you! 梁炳全 (liáng bǐng quán)

 Relationships x Art 

Dalian Sees Its First Ever Break-Up Museum

There are many sides of a relationship, one of them is break-up. It not just breaking up with that person, but also breaking up with a piece of memory, even breaking-up with some items: love letters, train tickets, selfies, scarfs. you know what they are.

Now these breaking-up items have a nice little new home — A museum. And it is opening to public tomorrow May 31, and then everyday from 9:00am to 9:00pm.

Go check it out. Or bring your items there.

Location & Taxi Card


dà lián shì shā hé kǒu qū xī ān lù 107hào zhōng yāng dà dào 2lóu 

 Save the password 

Dalian International Airport Just "Shared" Its 5G WiFi Password

The airport now offers its 5G wifi to both domestic passengers and international passengers. Finally we all can have a good bite of 5G wifi. 

Wifi pass is: dlc96600. Don't tell anyone else this little secret, and don't be scared if the connection is faster than expected.

 New name, new future 

Dalian Yifang to Change Name From Next Season

Dalian used to be a football cityNow it is gaining its strength back with big investments from Wanda Group, which started its business in Dalian city back in 1988. Wanda Group also gives the football club a new 'neutral' name, as the name 'yifang' was given by it's former investor — not as 'neutral' as Wanda Group want it to be.

The new name will be 大连人职业足球俱乐部 (dà lián rén zhí yè zú qiú jù lè bù), English translation is "Dalian People's Professonal Football Club".

Here is how local people will pronouce the name:  

大连银职业足球俱乐部 (dà lián yín zhí yè zú qiú jù lè bù). 

Please pronouce this way, and rock 'n' roll.

Dalian is now getting very serious about football

 Dalian ‘Mayor Cup’s 

2 Mayor Cup Programs Supported by Government

Recently we found 2 Dalian 'Mayor Cup's that might be intested to know. One is 'Dalian Mayor Cup Industrial Design Competition', the other is 'Dalian Mayor Cup Football League'. Both of these programs are support by Dalian government. As we all know Dalian used to be a "football city", but few pepole knows that Dalian also used to be a "design city", famous for its digital game design and industial design.

if you are in these 2 areas, please have look of these 2 programs. some opportunities can be there.

Dalian Mayor Cup Industrial Design Competition (Engilsh site)

 2 Spanish Coaches & 1 Champion 

Coaches from Spain Train Dalian Football Youth

Sunshine Women's Football Team has won the CHAMPIONS of Dalian WOMEN's UNDER 12 on May 29. Two spanish coaches, contracted by Chinese goverment (Education ministry of China), are invovled in the coaching. These 2 coaches are 



As we were told, their job is to improve Chinse football level and even the FIFA ranking.

 2 big players and IoT 

3rd Inida-China Dalian IoT Conference

China has a huge market, India has a huge one. Internet of Things (IoT) has a huge one. On May 29, these huge 3 came together. We were not in the conference, but still happy to include this information in. Hope more cooperations and businesses can happen between countries. 

 A new book store in Wanda Plaza @ High Tech 

SYSPHE Book Store (西西弗书店) Open in Dalian

This should be the first and only book store inside the Wanda mall in High Tech Zone. There is a cafe within the book store. Some English books are available too. The store sits on floor 2, on left of Sushi Express

 A bite of HK? 

A Hongkong Restaurant in Ansheng Mall, @ Kaifaqu

A tasty HK restaurant just opened in Ansheng mall in kaifaqu area. It is called "千日贺港式茶餐厅". If anyone wants to check it out, you can find it on floor 5.  Reservation line is: 0411-87337771



 Yoga in the park, June 

For anyone interested in joining us for some yoga outdoors. Anyone & all levels are welcome. 2nd sessions will be taking place Sat 15th June, 9:30am at Labor Park. Keep a look out for updates 😊

 June 1, Masquerade @ The PARK Bar 

Saturday June 1st 

🎭MASQUERADE at The Park🎭

Come early and get the Mask 

Or prepare your own 

Get to know each-other more easily 

And Dance with us like no one knows you 🎭

 May 31, Buffet & Live Music @ Mt. Fishtail Restaurant 

Buffet Dinner , this Saturday with live performance. 

Kris ( American ) acoustic covers , 

Deep ( Nepalese ) acoustic covers , 

Zach ( American ) hip hop single drop .

25 seats only. Mt. Fishtail Nepalese Restaurant.

 May 31, The ALL NEW Sunshine Bar @ Kaifaqu 

The oldest standing bar in Kaifaqu has had a transformation for its 11th birthday.

Tomorrow night is the Grand opening of the all New Sunshine Bar in 5 Color City.

From 9 o'clock tomorrow (Friday 31st May) we will have not 1 but 2 special guest DJ's.

DJ Bo all the way from Chicago USA and Peru's favorite son DJ Salvador.

They will be spinning party tunes from all different genres so there is something for everyone.

Let's put Kaifaqu back on the map for a great night out!

The address is: 开发区五彩城 A区4-5



Chris is from Manchester UK and he is selling some fresh home made sausages for home-sick foreigners. If you'd like to try some authentic sausages, please read the poster and contact Chris. 

We asked his customers. His customers said "Great Sausages". 


We are trying to bring more local & fun news in Dalian to expats group. If there are news updates you think we should cover, please please contact us here — It is free (in speech and in beer) to talk to us..  ↓