This Week In Dalian - 2019/08/09

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French Film Exhibition 2019 Dalian

On 9 August a French film exhibition is going to kick off in Olympia 66 mall (恒隆广场). Brought to you by French Embassy China, AllianceFrancaise (Dalian) and Palace Cinema (Dalian).

French films will be running from Friday 9 August to Sunday 18 August 2019. On the opening ceremony a brief history of French films will be shown by using postal stamps. I am curioius, too..

The following French films will be on screen during the exhibition days:

  1. Rémi sans famille 雷米奇遇记

  2. Zombillenium 怪物游乐园

  3. At War 开战 

  4. By The Grace of God 以恩宠之名

  5. Varda by Agnes 听瓦尔达说

  6. Pure as Snow 白雪公主

  7. Le Grand Bain 大浴场

  8. Return of the Hero 英雄归来

  9. Lady J 容基耶尔女士

If you are following AllianceFrancaise (Dalian)  ↓ 

大连法语联盟,公众号:大连法语联盟Alliancefrançaise2019法国电影展8月9日大连站! Panorama du Cinéma français le 9 août à Dalian

Dalian airport tops On-time departure rate of airports 2019 (first half year)

According to report data released by VariFlight (Chinese:非常准), Dalian Airport tops the On-Time Performace of airports.

That basically means: Dalian Airport always see you off on time, and welcome you back delayed :-)

Data source:

Founded in 2005, VariFlight - with a vision of "living on time" - is the leading brand providing aviation data services.

Phonograph Museum In Dalian Opens

On 3 August, a phonograph museum opens in Lushun, named 「旅顺留声机博物馆」

These are old stuff with beautiful sound.

It was once called 「大连古乐楼留声机博物馆」, you can still use this name to check on your maps and plan your visit.

DLOVCommunity's 2 good pieces

Hats off to DLOVCommunity for posting:

  1. Kaifaqu Activities Calendar - August/September

  2. Coming to DDA Theatre in August 

DLOVCommunity has a good volunteer program / base, if you are interested in helping out, it is time to reach out.

DLOV,公众号:DLOVCommunityKaifaqu Activities Calendar - August/September

The Bravest 烈火英雄 (2019) is a film based on a real story in Dalian

THIS FILM IS A SHOWING FILM NOW IN CINEMA, but it is in Chinese language — but still, it is worth watching.

If you are in Dalian long enough, you remember it in 2010: Pipeline Explosion. 

The 1,500 tonnes of oil spilled from the pipes created an 180 km2 (69 sq mi) slick in the Yellow Sea that grew to 430 km2 (170 sq mi) within a week.[3][4][5] By July 21, the spill had spread to 946 km2 (365 sq mi), and stretched as far as 90 km (56 mi) along the coast.[6]

The film is about the firefighters.

Firefighters walk near flames towering from a pipeline explosion at a Chinese port in Dalian, in northern China's Liaoning province on Saturday, July 17, 2010. ... causing a massive fire that burned for 15 hours before being put out. Officials said no one was killed.

HALO PARK Donggang Dalian

I have not been there yet, so it is just a piece of 'information'.

From 3 August to 31 October, there is a HALO park in Donggang area. From the name you can tell it is all about lights/lighting. If you are a fan or curious about the tech they use in the park, maybe you can check this park out.

ICD Monthly Networking Night @ TAPS & TAPAS

Friday, the 30th of August, we will be meeting at TAPS & TAPAS. 

The ICD Networking Night will include a buffet, beer, wine and soft drinks. 

Members and non-members are all welcome to join us. 

Looking forward to seeing you there!

公众号:大连外国人俱乐部ICD Monthly Networking Night @ TAPS & TAPAS


- 「Splash for Trash」— cleaning the ocean acitivty may happen this Saturday.

-  Dalian Yifang - Jiangsu Suning. (9 August 2019, 19:35) 

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