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WHAT'S UP Dalian


 oh, plastics 

After the typhoon, a lot of plastics in fujiazhuang

Typhoon Lekima's gone, but a lot of plastics stay. 

Plastics! Plastics! 

We need more people to raise up the plastics issue and spread to as many people as possible, especially local we Chinese people who can actually change things over time.

Also hope the trash classification system to be applied in Dalian soon, as in Shanghai.

Here I just put a video clip about the plastics in fujiazhuang(付家庄) area.


Homing Electronic Music Party 2019(归巢电音派对)

Thanks to Shaman — who is the key person who organize the party — Dalian sees this electronic music party again in 2019. 


大连市西岗区滨海西路82号  银沙滩海滨浴场 

Yintai RV Camp, Yinshatan Beach Bath, 82 Binhai West Road, Xigang District, Dalian City

If you'd like to have an early-bird ticket, you can buy here

Via this link


New: M2 Club Opens

It looks like we are going to have another new club called "M2 Club", it is pre-opening/auditions party will be this Sunday, 18 August.

Location: 港浦路100号 (didi /maps) — you can also check details in poster below:

 all white 

White Party 2 

Today. August 16, 7pm- late, JUMA Studio is doing a "White Party 2".

The concept of the White party was for fans to come enjoy the summer event in their most stylish fashion whites. Last year we debuted The White Party and next week we will host The White Party 2.

JUMAstudio is a contemporary fashion and home design studio.
公众号:ALIAJUMA[白衣派对2] 活动详情信息 - White Party 2


Metropolis Re-Opens 

"Dear friends, Metropolis is now closed, reopening 19th August, thank you all for your wonderful support, Gerry and Hong"

Welcome Back Metropolis

 first & biggest 

Dalian Jinzhouwan International Airport - China's first airport built on an artificial island

Maybe some of you already know - Dalian is going to have a new, bigger airport in Jinzhouwan(金州湾). I like the zhoushuizi (周水子) airport very much because it is very close to almost everywhere. 

But very happy to hear the airport is likely in operation in 2020, you know what — the airport is on the sea and is the first airport built on an artificial island in china, and largest in the world so far.

 recommendation from a friend 

Tons of Damage x synthesizer designer Meng Qi

Intertivew, discussions (& maybe live performance) with Meng Qi, a synthesizer designer.

If you are interested, you can find out details here

As we are no expert in this field, so just cover it briefly to get attention of those who are experts...



This week, we have 2 informational piece of information that might be helpful regarding to jobs & money.


Legal Way to transfer money out of China?
Joey K.,公众号:theBeijingerHow to Transfer Money Out of China the Legal Way


Legally take on Part-time jobs?
公众号:eCCareersForeigners can now legally take on Part-time jobs!

Events & Entertainment



Brooklyn Wednesday: Buy One Pizza & Get Free Wings

This Sat. 

Obsidian Waterfront

Wednesdays  & Thursdays 

Ex Bar


The Park Bar

There is a "ladies night" on Wednesday.


Hangover Bar

Pretty sure Lily has some specials of the bar for you on Wednesdays.

Add: YouHao street,ZhongShan District,DaLian(opposite of the pavilion main entrance )



Sushi Fighter's Giveaways

Sushi Fighter (素熙美式日料) is giving dalianlaowai's followers 'vegetarian nigiri' if you come to enjoy the sushi. 

You can find the details here, please remember to show to the ower if you want so enjoy the giveaways.

details here ↓
DalianLaowai,公众号:dalianlaowaiThis Week In Dalian - 2019/06/07

It takes 2 to tango! 

Tango event in High-Tech Zone 

A lovely tango lady organize a biweekly tango event. 

There is going to be one this Friday. Location not confirmed. If you are interested, you can add organizer:

 ongoing & covered last week 

ICD Monthly Networking

French Film Exhibition 2019 Dalian

Please find in:

newsletter last week
DalianLaowai,公众号:dalianlaowaiThis Week In Dalian - 2019/08/09

Other Pieces This Week:

Dirty Box — A Dalian based fast casual burger spot 

Bā Tiě Restaurant — Dalian Based Authentic Pakistani Dishes 

Language & Culture Exchange Meetups [ @ MasterKey Crossfit ]

We are trying to bring more local & fun news in Dalian to expats group. If there are news updates you think we should cover, please please contact us here — It is free (in speech and in beer) to talk to us..  ↓