This Week In Dalian - 2019/08/23

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Thank you for reading with us this Friday, again.

We will start this edition with another cool video about Dalian — this 6 mins video took 4.5 years to finish.  

A lot of people left Dalian for different reasons - salary, night life, not big enough, not developed enough.

For those of you who stayed, like us, we've got to build it up the way we want it to be. Let's contribute together, help each other and build Dalian up.

What's Up Dalian

Dalian transport goes electric

Dalian rolls out a new policy right after the '24th Dalian International Automotive Exhibition' about electric cars. (1) By 2020, all the public buses will go electric; (2) By 2025, all the cars that offer ridesharing services, like didi, will go electric. 

Expats tips:
Dalian now offers a lot of electric rental cars. Basically you can just download an app, find an electric car nearby and drive. The price is cheap and you can drive it to almost anywhere within Dalian. A lot of parking sites too for you to park.
All you have to do to enjoy this is: Get a driving license. I think the effort of obtaining license will pay off.
If you are curious, check out 氢氪出行 or 联动云 app. They offer such services in Dalian now. 

Dalian to Hire Chinese Coaches for the 10 football camps to be set up in elementary school

If you are a long time reader, you may remember this:

WANDA GROUP together with government to build 10 primary school football camps in Dalian. 
20 years later in 2019, WANDA GROUP is back on the 'football' stage again, sponsoring 50 million RMB per year to help build world-class football camps here in Dalian. Dalian used to be a football city and has trained a good number of football players. Dalian later almost lost this in post-wanda days. Now it comes back with this good news again.

Now it is getting real. Yifang football club is hiring Chinese coaches to train elementary school kids. These Chinese coaches will be trained by a Spanish coach first. 

Dalian football has a future! Great job, folks!

6th International Bass Music Festival

We heard about this event last week but forget to cover it. Today we are going to make it up for those bass folks. The festival is on 24-25 August, it will be held in kaifaqu area. If you are going, check details out (in Chinese)

(A bass player)

(timetable of shows)

Policy Briefing | “Center for Enterprise Security” working platform (Member Only Breakfast Briefing)

AmCham China....deliver a policy briefing on “Center for Enterprise Security” working platform in Fraser Suites Dalian at 9am, and Epoch International Dalian at 11am on August 27th, 2019. Officer Du is fluent in English, so this is a unique opportunity to meet and get first-hand information and answers to your questions regarding Visa and Security.

This event will be conducted in English and Chinese. We recommend GMs, HR, visa policy professionals, and members who are interested in this policy to attend!
Attendees will have the opportunity to consult and directly ask questions during the Q&A session.

Time and Address: 
Breakfast Session (Downtown): 9am at Fraser Suites,No.30 Ganglong Road, Dalian
Lunch Session (Kaifaqu): 11am at Epoch Technologies(Dalian) Co., Ltd., No. 20 North FuquanRoad, Dalian DevelopmentArea

Click to check full details. 
I wish I were a member...

VITUP HEALTHCARE to hold 'August 25th Informative Seminar: WHAT IS INSOMNIA'

We hope you never need to come to such seminars. If you do, you may want to come this one and talk about your sleeping issues with Harvard Medical School visiting professor Dr. Robert J. Thomas.  

You need to book your seat as they are already limited. You can find book information here.

Invitation: C-Charity Party in Dalian

The party is organised by our member Maple Leaf Foreign Nationals School Dalian, supported by the European Chamber. The purpose of the event is to support the unfortunate indiviuals and groups through the donation to the Hope Project and Dalian Guangxiang Fund.

Pool Party. Salsa & Bachata.

We missed this last week too. The party will be held tomorrow: 19:00 August 24 2019.

Location: 大连市小黑石顺海街295号如旅随行海景基地.

If you are going & want to see more details, copy this link open in browser to check: (wechat does not allow direct links like this)

We are trying to bring more local & fun news in Dalian to expats group. If there are news updates you think we should cover, please please contact us here — It is free (in speech and in beer) to talk to us..  ↓