This Week In Dalian - 2019/08/30

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2020 Dalian Buses Will Go 'Scan'. 

Last week we got to know buses are going electric. This week, going SCAN... It is reported by the government that Dalian buses will support 'scan & pay' in early 2020. The good part is you don't have to worry about the bus card or coins or 1 yuan notes. The bad is THE MOBILE HAS GOT YOU. 

 New | Sep 7-9 

2019 China International Garment and Textile Fair (CIGF)

The 2019 China International Garment and Textile Fair (CIGF) will be held in Dalian.
Venue: Dalian World Expo Center (大连世界博览广场)

Under the theme of "Quality Fashion," it will bring together more than 1,000 clothing businesses from around the world, attracting international apparel executives, fashion designers and experts in the textile industry as well as their Chinese counterparts. 

Apart from the business promotion activities, three research results will be unveiled during the fair. These are research on the development and future of China's apparel industry, a white paper about the development of business attire in China, as well as China National Garment Association (CNGA)'s protocols for smart manufacturing of clothing. 

 New | Sep 7-12 

2019 Dalian Fashion Week (Fall)

Going hand in hand with CIGF, Dalian Fashion Week also will be happening. A good season for you ladies to dress up!

If you plan to go to one of these shows, we get you the timetable of shows. Please note there are 2 venues for the fashion show, one if 世界博览广场, the other is Z28 时尚硅谷.

Enjoy the show 🎵

 Annual big event in KFQ - NEXT WEEK 

Welcom Wagon 8 Sep, 2019

Welcome Wagon started in 2016 as an annual event. It is organized by DLOV, a volunteering organization consisting of expats living in Dalian. The idea behind Welcome Wagon is for those of us who know the hardship and difficulties as well as the unexpected fun and joys of living in Dalian to share our knowledge with the newcomers, and help them with a softer landing and adjust to life in Dalian.
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ICD Monthly Networking Night @ TAPS & TAPAS

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On September 1st, from 1pm to 5pm, Vitup International Hospital will open its doors for one afternoon of workshops, free screenings, snacks, raffle prizes and more! Meet our doctors and learn with us how to stay healthy!


· Pick up service will be provided. When signing up, please specify the location (Shangri-La Hotel, Jinshitan DAIS, Kaifaqu Somerset).
· Please register withus before the 30th of August, 2019


HOMING 2019 Electronic Music Party



 TODAY & Some Fridays

Bachata Tango Dance

If you are a Tango person or are into Tango, there is a tango event this week near Hi Tech area. Just 59 yuan to join.
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KFQ. Sep 2-6 

Sharpen Your Coffee Skills

Welcome to the Wandering Moose Café for Canadian style fare and fresh roasted coffee. If you want to improve your coffee habit we have various classes and events you can attend. This coming week we’ll run Introduction to coffee(Mon), Roasting Foundations(Tues), Barista Foundations(Thurs) and Brewing Foundations(Fri)

15524575082 Mobile(WeChat)

 Sep 15 

Color Run

The poster says it is "Crazy Color Run"...

If you are crazy enough, or want to go crazy, then...

 Sep ?  

Some Free Chinese Classes near Shuma


Dalian: SAMAJAM Kids & Family Participatory Music Show

SAMAJAM is the world’s leading creator and producer of live musical participatory shows and events.

The SAMAJAM concept is unique in the world: Each audience member receives a SAMAJAM Music Bag full of percussion instruments to become THE performing musician of the show. With more than 80% active participation time, they create collectively music songs and games, along with the performers and with our musical SAMAJAM Video Games.

Date: Sep 22
Venue: 大连人民文化俱乐部
Buy Tickets: click —> SAMAJAM

Other pieces from us this week

Fraser Suites Dalian — Gold Standard Serviced Apartments 

7 Foreign Movies to China in September | 9月上映的外国电影

Burger Studio — Quality Burger @ Wanda High Tech

FINALLY we are done with this week's newsletter. 
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