This Week In Dalian - 2019/11/29

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From The Editor:

This week we are going to cover a few pieces of local news for you, to keep you up to date with the local policy changes of the city.
In the mean time, if you have events for us to share with us, please let us know.

 Good...but messy 

Take the bus & Pay with your phone

Starting 10:00am yesterday (Nov 28), Dalian buses support 'pay with your phone', meaning you can put your mobile phone close to the card reader of buses and you are a paid customer... But only certain brands and certain models are supported, they are HUAWEI, XIAOMI and OPPO.

Good to know. But messy!

Actually we covered in one of the previous editions in July this year that Dalian is making effort to install a QR code system on the bus for people to 'Scan & Pay' with their phones. In fact, a QR code system should be easier in near future because we can pay with WeChat and Alipay as we do now — they are already everywhere. 

Why doing another system that is less efficient and has steep learning curve? Our officials need a lot of advice..

 First Shanghai, Now Dalian  

Winter Garbage Classification Is Coming

After the pilot run for garbage classification has been proved working in Shanghai, China is rolling out / expanding the program to 46 more pilot cities. Dalian is one of these cities, and Beijing also.

It is good for Dalian to start sorting our garbage in the city. But we believe it will take some time for the people to get used to it, especially people in the north have short temper — as shown in Game of Thrones — and we are more experienced at fighting and less experienced at sorting :-)

But let's do it. It is good anyways.

 Not In English Yet 

Official Dalian Map (2019) released

Dalian municipal government has release the official map of Dalian in Chinese, as Google Maps does not work here...  I am a big fan of paper maps, if you read enough Chinese or you are a map fan, please consider keeping a copy of it. You can get the digital version (high resolution) by clicking 'Read More' at bottom left of this page.

Will it be interesting to have an English version, too? Anyone knows how to make English maps of Dalian? We are interested in collaboration or at least offer some help.

Cold Winter? Worry No More!

Because of Air Conditioning on Bus

This is yet another piece of news about buses.. from December 1st 2o19 to March 1st 2o2o — We are going to have all-day air conditioning on all the public buses. If you can take a bus with air conditioning, who cares about taxi :-) We are going to sweat this winter, haha.

Too Much Money, Too Much Pressure

DUT... needs to carry huge responsibility

Don't know if I should write this, but let's try ..

Dalian University of Technology (DUT) will receive 1.5 billion RMB government fund in next 5 years, with (government's) expectation of being one of the top universities in the world. 
It needs to make good progress by year 2022, and be in the top universites list by 2035. Well, who knows DUT will have deadline for school government assignment one day? 


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