Upgraded Green Cards for Foreign Residents | 《外国人永久居留身份证》(英文版)

2017-06-14 Nadia dalianlaowai dalianlaowai

China will upgrade identity cards for foreigners with permanent residency status to make them usable on a wider range of service platforms. China's public security authorities announced that from June 16, it will launch new versions of machine-readable identity cards with greater usability for foreigners who have permanent residency status.

The new version of foreign permanent resident ID cards, based on the design of the second generation identity card for Chinese citizens, will contain chips embedded with foreigners' information, including their names, gender, date of birth, registration agencies and ID numbers, according to a notice released by the Ministry of Public Service (MPS).

The new ID cards will be machine-readable, allowing holders to get services from a range of agencies in sectors including finance, education, transportation, the courts and social insurance. Green cards currently cannot be recognized by many machines, giving foreigners problems in accessing these services.

The application conditions and channels of the new foreign permanent resident ID cards, the procedures and standards for examination and approval, the charging items and standards, and the validity date of the documents are consistent with the existing foreign permanent resident ID cards. After the new ID cards are released, the former ID cards are still valid, so the holders can choose to either upgrade their cards or stay with their current version. The upgrade will not change any data registered on the ID.


Dalian City Public Security Bureau Exit - Entry Administration officially launched the renewal of foreign permanent resident ID cards. From 1 June to 31 December 2017, foreigners who have received a valid permanent residence permit from former Dalian may apply for the renewal. The new ID cards will be issued within 20 days.

When the new version of the permanent residence permit is activated, if it is not recognized by relevant staff or machines, holders may go to the immigration authorities to find solution to the problem.

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