Waxing with Grace | 蜜蜡脱毛(英文版)

2017-10-31 Nadia dalianlaowai dalianlaowai

Do you find it hard to get a good waxing service in Dalian? 

I'm almost sure that you do, because, let's face it, waxing business just doesn't seem to have enough customers to survive in Dalian and entire China, and I think you know why.

But hey, don't give up on your own beauty standard just yet, because in this article we will introduce you to a trustworthy waxing service in Dalian!

Do you remember Grace from our previous articles?

Grace is a professional makeup artist and hairstylist based in Dalian who had studied and worked in England for 6 years. In addition, she also has rich work experiences in Beijing fashion industry as well.

And yes, she will come and do the waxing for you.

Price List / Waxing Service


‣ Premium Wax Products Imported From Australia 

‣ No Double Dipping  

of Spatulas — International Hygiene Standard  

‣ Super gentle — Excellent For Extra Sensitive Areas  

‣ Book your appointment   By Call or WeChat 

188 4093 7817

Grace is just one text away.

Contact her here:

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So here it is, the new QR Code to the local information hub of Dalian!