Two bedroom apartment in heping square for 3000/month.

Wanted xain published at 2015/10/30 07:53last from Tils 2015/10/31 04:48

Does anybody know if I can rent a two rooms apartment in heping square for 3000rmb. I can move in December.

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harry 2015/10/30 07:54 #1

@xain two rooms means two bedrooms?

xain 2015/10/30 07:58 #2

Yes. One master bedroom and one small room. I m looking for around 80-90 metres square

harry 2015/10/30 08:04 #3


friends say: if not too close to central heping, apartments without elevators, getting such room is still possible.

but I cannot confirm that now.

xain 2015/10/30 08:07 #4

I need an elevator for sure. The price in heping square is around 3600 at present

harry 2015/10/30 08:10 #5

@xain open this in a mobile browser to see.

xain 2015/10/30 08:27 #6

Thanks harry

Tils 2015/10/31 04:48 #7

You should try finding around Xinghai square rather than Heping. Xinghai is just a few minutes away from Heping and the price should be within your budget. I just did a quick search. You can have a look: