English Speaking Data Recovery Service In Dalian | 数据恢复(提供英文服务)

2017-11-02 Daisy dalianlaowai dalianlaowai

Today, we're posting this article to introduce you to a "digital doctor" that provides on-site service data recovery, and will help you solve all kinds of computer problems. And, yes, the "doctor" provides English service.


Service List

  • Data Recovery

  • Computer upgrades and maintenance (including notebooks, tablet PCs, desktops)

  • Computer accessories sales

  • Desktop assembly sales

  • Wireless networking and maintenance

  • Monitor the alarm system installation

  • Overseas satellite TV installation

  • Provides English service

  • 数据恢复

  • 计算机升级及维护(包括笔记本、平板电脑、台式机)

  • 电脑配件销售

  • 台式机组装销售

  • 无线组网及检修

  • 监控报警系统安装

  • 境外卫星电视安装

  • 提供英文服务

Charging Fee

Door-to-door check up fee (in the city area): 150 yuan





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