The Return of Bus Routes

2017-11-25 Thanksgiving dalianlaowai dalianlaowai

Photo by Sabri Tuzcu on Unsplash


I wrote about we were rebuiding of backend system weeks ago. It turned out I underestimated the workload and it took much longer. 

But still, we finished them.

And now, you will not get lost in Dalian :-), hopefully

This is we have done:

1) ROUTES (transport)

  1. all the bus routes redesigned (160+ routes)

  2. all the bus routes updated (we rechecked all routes in city and corrected)

  3. all the metro routes redesigned

  4. 1 rapid rail


  • bus routes: input numbers, such as 3, 10, 26, 901 etc

  • metro routes: input metro+number, such as "metro1", "metro2"

  • rapid rail: input "rapidrail3"


  1. we made our history content and content in our online forum all searchable for you. what you need to do is to input a keyword, such as: "gallary", "waxing", "park" etc.

  2. we want to make the knowledge of Dalian available and searchable in our system over time

  3. Tell you a secret: soon you can search food menus around Dalian too

I could have attached some images for you to understand better, but I would like to keep that work to you - to explore it. If you like what we do for the city, please share to your friends too. 


Seoul, Korea  (just for a few days)