Dalian Sea Rhyme Aviation Expo Park/大连海之韵航空博览园

        Dalian Sea Rhyme Aviation Expo Park | 大连海之韵航空博览园(中英文版)

Today we would like to introduce you to a very interesting exhibition to visit during your free time: the Dalian Sea Rhyme Aviation Expo Park.

The Expo is situated in a beatiful location by the sea and only a 10-minute walk from Venice city. Getting there by metro is really easy, because the Haizhiyun station on Line 2 is right in front of it. 



The Expo celebrates the aviation innovations accomplished in the past hundred years. It wants to praise the realization of the dream of soaring the sky, overcoming limits, breaking free from ties, and pursuing freedom. It symbolizes the human's spirit of exploration and wisdom.


Visitors can witness many kinds of aircrafts dating back to different periods of time. In total, the Expo displays more than 20 airplanes, including the World War II and Vietnamese War military planes, Chinese first models of surveillance aircraft, foreign military trainers, as well as small private jets. Among the multiple aircraft companies, the exhibition has a selection of Boeing, Beechcraft, and Cessna Aircraft.


Most of the planes are provided with an explanation so that visitors can learn some information about the aviation history. 


There is also the possibility of going into the cockpit to explore the pilot cabin and to try what flying a plane feels like. 


In the Expo, kids can spend their time in the area called “Children’s aviation paradise” with slides and different attractions meant to entertain them.


If people want a memory from their visit, they can purchase nice souvenirs from the gift shop next to the entrance. 


Inside the Expo, visitors can also get snacks and soft drinks to enjoy while sitting and relaxing on the tables around the exhibition area. 



Address: Dalian City, Zhongshan District, Donggang Business Area, Haizhiyun Square

Opening times: 8:30 - 18:00

Ticket Price:

Adult: 50 yuan/ person

Child: 30 yuan/ child

Contact Number: 0411-88160317


开放时间:8:30 - 18:00





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