All bus routes info in Dalian | 大连所有公交线路查询

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Dalian Laowai Autoreply System | 大连老外自动回复系统

Sometimes you want to find information, but confuse where to find it. Don't worry! Dalian Laowai provides you the solution!

New in Dalian Laowai: Interactive Service | 大连老外微信互动服务

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Dalian Metro Routes | 大连地铁

Dalian Metro finally has been opened and successfully operates, and it means that it's time to have the metro routes!

Bus Routes: Updates | 大连公交线路更新

We are pleased to inform you that auto reply system of bus routes was updated by new routes.

Bus Card: Where and how to get Bus Card in Dalian? | 大连哪里买公交卡

Bus is one of the most convenient transportation in Dalian.

Airport | 机场

Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport ( 大连周水子国际机场 Dalian ZhouShuiZi GuoJi JiChang)

Dandong - Dalian High Speed Railway Schedule | 丹东大连快铁时刻表

Dandong–Dalian Intercity Railway (dan) is a newly open Chinese high-speed railway within Liaoning Province, connecting the coastal cities of Dandong and Dalian.

2019 Public Holiday Arrangements | 2019年全年公休放假安排(中英文版)

Since the schedule's out, you can now plan your holiday trips one year ahead!

Introduction to INTERNCHINA | 企业介绍:InterChina(中英文版)