Crazy Color Run in Zhongshan Park 彩跑 | SEPTEMBER 15

Today we are happy to announce that is CC Bar (CC 酒吧)  organizing another Crazy ColorRun event in 2019 before the summer says goodbye for sure for good.

It is happening within Zhongshan Park(中山公园)thisSunday. As it is within the park, we will have a lot of space to run around, at the same time the park is a bit far from Residencial area — making some noise should be okay.

The event is planned by some cool friends ofCC Bar. We, the dalianlaowai folks, will send out some camera guys to capture your COLORFUL moments to support the event.

The details about the event:

。3 PM to 3:45PM: Meet at CC Bar, collect your VIP card and sign in for the run. All participants can leave their belongings at the bar including BBQ Supplies.

。3:45 PM: Meet at the starting point in front of the temple.

。4 PM: Start run. Photos and video to be taken on kickoff. Blast each other with color. CC Bar will blast their own color to signal the start of the run. Save some color powder for during the course ( there will be cc bar representatives stationed at 4 checkpoints ready to blast you with color). Once we all reach the finish line, group photos to be taken and final color blast. Swimming pool and water guns will be supplied to rinse off. Bring a spare set of clothing as it might be cooler in the evening. 

。5 PM: BBQ and socializing to commence.CC Bar will provide the Facilities. BBQ your own food. Tables and chairs will be available.


§   There will beDJBrain/ Tony/ Sean.

§   BBQ facilities.

§   Outdoor Water Pool and Water Guns.

§   Special Drink:15RMB/Cocktail & Beer.

§   Location: CC Bar, Beer Garden Zhongshang Park.