This Week's Flash Sale: Wines

What's up Dalian people Goodnews for this week because we are going to do a couple of flash sales in next couple of weeks, one each week. We are working with a fine wine distributor —CHEERS— and bring to you this week's flash sales of wine.

How to order:

1. Decide how many bottles.

2. Add our service WeChat(ID:dalianlaowaiofficial) or scan QR code at bottom of this page.

3. Make a payment of your order via WeChat.


1.     You must buy atleast 2 bottles in total.

2.     Order before Sun 21:00, Nov 3.


4.     Self picks up at the store. Location:  连市高新区万达广场金街外街21.didi/taxior ask us for details.

5.     Delivery to door, at an additional cost of 5 yuan to Dalian & downtown; 10 yuan to Lushun; and 15 yuan to KFQ area.

6.     We will delivery in 3 days, including weekends.