Launch of a New HR Forum in the Jin Pu New Area on January 10

Hello, Dalian Friends! There is one event on January 10. It will be about the launch of a New HR Forum in the Jin Pu New Area.

Below are some topics that will be discussed in there.

• Optimize organizational capacity and efficiency to enable biz to win via shared learning in success and failures.

• Co-Create an inclusive workplace to attract, grow and retain the best talents with meaningful purpose fit with company culture.

• Engage individual’s essential and strength to reach ever-higher level of potential and biz performance to win in the marketplace.


1. Location: Epoch Technologies (Dalian) Co., Ltd. No. 20 North Fuquan Road Dalian Development Area, Dalian, 115530, China.

2. Contact person:

3. When you contact that email, don't forget to provide some information, such as company name, name, and surname, and phone number.