New Year 2017 Live Band or Concert ?

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Hi DL team,

Is there any good place where i can enjoy live band or concert during this new year 2017 moment ?  I checked with Cafe Copenhagen but they don't have any thing special. 

I don't prefer clubs like JD or Park as i want to take my wife & baby. 

Thank you


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Daisy 2 days ago #1

Hi VJ,

This is Daisy from Dalian Laowai, and we will post This week in Dalian tomorrow, hope can help you^^

Daisy 2 days ago #2

Morning, please check this week in Dalian.


vvijay83 2 days ago #3

Well Received Daisy!! Thank you

Daisy 2 days ago #4

@vvijay83 My pleasure, have a nice new year eve.