DDA international christian fellowship (English group)

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There is a Dalian DDA area church named Ai Zhi Jia Church (home of love church 爱之家教会) which has been registered around 2015. It's located close to DDA Walmart.

the leader of this Church is open to start a English fellowship/group. If you are interested in participating in this please feel free to join the qq group below or visit this Church after Sunday service and talk to the pastor.

it will be fully legal and comply with local laws/regulations and risk free for all participants.

QQ group: 274775657  (need to install QQ on your phone or PC, and search this group no.)


2nd Floor, ShengXiang Home appliance , LiaoNing Street, Development Zone, Dalian


Sunday Worship

9:30 am-11:00 am


Translation:Detailed Instructions on the Implementation of the Administrative Rules for the Religious Activities of Foreigners within the Borders of the People's Republic of China


Article 7: Foreigners within the borders who are collectively engaging in religious activities should carry out their activities within legally-registered temples, Taoist temples, mosques or churches that are approved by the county-level or higher People’s government’s religious affairs bureau, or within temporary sites that are set by the provincial, autonomous-regional or directly-administered People’s government’s religious affairs bureau. Foreigners within the borders who collectively engage in religious activities at temporary sites should be managed and supervised by the county-level or higher People’s government’s religious affairs bureau.

official chinese version:






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