Friday Fellowship at Jinshitan International Christian Fellowship (English) 

Local News DDA5200 published at 2017/04/30 21:54

Fountain of Grace Church (JinShiTan Church, Golden Pebble Beach Church, dalian church, dalian international christian fellowship, dalian fellowship, dalian jinshitan church, 大连教会, 大连基督教,大连金石滩教会, 大连教堂, 大连开发区教会, 开发区教堂)

恩泉教会 (金石滩)

Dalian Jinshitan, Jin Shi Road 

JST International Christian Fellowship

Every Friday at 6:30 pm.

Getting There: Light Rail Jinshitan Station, Jinshitan Bus No.2


QQ group: 274775657  (need to install QQ on your phone or PC, and search this group no.)

Spiritual Condition Of Dalian

a reference for those who want to understand how this works.




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