Environmental protection:A Laowai Tells us Not to Waste Plastic Bags

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A Laowai Tells us Not to Waste Plastic Bags | 外国小哥劝我们停止挥霍塑料袋

We have to admit that at some point of our lives, we became inseparable from plastic bags, and eventually wasting them in the name of practicality. And, yes, it is bad. Sometimes we just forget that reusing plastic bag is one little nice thing we can always do for our beloved Earth.

This American Laowai is not very happy it. In order to remind us of how important it is to not waste plastic bags, he taped himself and rapped...


The video links:


If you're wondering, this guy's name is Brendan.

(Chinese name: Jūn Rán 军然)


He loves Earth as much as he loves living life.


And, this is how he normally looks like back in the States...


屏幕快照 2017-07-07 下午4.04.29.png

It is surprising to know how hard it is to convince people to actually protect the environment, considering that everyone calls Earth their "home". 

I mean, come on, how can you let your home be trashed and do nothing about it? 

We, the residents of the Earth, are all responsible for taking care of our very own planet. 

Unless if you are, ahem, a shabby person (but it's cool too though, we don't judge), keeping the planet clean shouldn't be a burden.

So, let's make a commitment to treat our planet a little better, starting from small things like reusing plastic bags

It might not seem like it would matter, but it will surely make the world much nice-ah!







天朝一定会much nice-ah!

- END -

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