Focus Pizza Offers Two VIP Cards 聚焦披萨推出两款会员卡

Foods & Snacks lovechina0401 published at 2017/06/02 06:09

Many people have been quite interested in Focus Pizza (haven’t heard about Focus Pizza, check out here: :【fā xiàn Dalian】Focus Pizza |聚焦披萨) . So they’ve prepared two membership cards, so that members can enjoy a special dish by promotional price every day.

很多人对聚焦披萨都颇具喜爱(还不了解聚焦披萨的,戳这里:【fā xiàn Dalian】Focus Pizza | 聚焦披萨),这不,他们推出了两种会员卡,另外,会员每天可享受一款特价菜品。

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