After 14 years, US Beef Will Return to the Chinese Table Next Month 时隔14年,美国牛肉,将于下月重返中国餐桌

Restaurants lovechina0401 published at 2017/06/16 06:00

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After 14 years, US beef will finally be served on Chinese table again.

US beef was banned in China in 2003 after a scare over mad cow disease. Prior to the ban, the United States was China's largest beef supplier. Recently, China and the United States have finalized the final details of the resumption of US exports to China, and in July 16th, American beef could be served on the Chinese table again.



However, China also made 3 demands on American beef:

1. US producers must track the origin of the US-born cattle destined for export to China

2. hipments must come from cattle less than 30 months old

3. The meat should not contain growth promoters


1. 美国国内牛肉生产商向中国出口的牛肉必须可以追溯到牛的出生地;

2. 出口牛肉必须来自不超过30个月龄的牛身而来;

3. 牛肉中不得含有生长促进剂。



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