How can you recharge your wechat and alipay account without a Chinese Bank Card?

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I have been in China since 2011 and everything is fine except that I can not top up my wechat and alipay account by myself, as I do not have a Chinese bank card. Every time I ask my Chinese friends for help, they will send me a red packet.

How do you guys always do when you need to top up your account? I use wechat and alipay frequently, as I always buy from taobao.

Then one of my friends found this website and recommended it to me, the link is :

They can help to recharge my wechat and alipay account and I pay them in USD. They accept kinds of local currencies.

This do help a lot, and is there anyone who have a better suggestion?

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MeiLi 2017/07/02 12:21 #1

Dear all.

one of my friend tried to use their service

It is a scam ... run away ..

After transferred money they will ask you copy of your passport, copy of company account and copy of your card, and once provided they will tell you they are not able to proceed because their company do not recognize it and they can return your money after 10 days. obviously it won't happen.

Also company is based in Panama ... run guys ... big scam

Elsawang 2017/07/03 01:18 #2

@MeiLi Hello, MeiLi, would you please kindly let me know the order number? Then I will have a check.

Sometimes we might require some documents for cardholder's security, and once it is approved, we will finish the order. Or we will refund to our customers, and sure we will refund to your friend, no worries.

gasfdsfds 2017/07/03 01:23 #3

I am studying in America. It is a trouble for us to top up WeChat or a alipay. My friend recommend a website :Vpayfast for me.I think it's ok .This website support WeChat and Alipay top up .It's convenient and safe .So I recommend for you.

Vpayfast_1 2018/08/24 07:27 #4 is helpful!