ofo Enters Dalian! ofo小黄车登录大连市区!

Local News lovechina0401 published at 2017/07/03 00:33

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The anticipated yellow bike has finally come to Dalian! Now you can find ofo in downtown Dalian.


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You can find them at Heping Square


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Or at Donggang


During the Davos period, the founder ofo who attended the meeting said in an interview,

"Dalian's slopes is not a problem, after Chongqing's success we have confidence in that. As for the lack of road resources, if the people have demand, we can negotiate with government departments to built bike lane! As for the investment, it can be discussed!"

Hope that our Dalian can also have a bike lane, so that there will be more and more green energy on the road.




Source: Kǎidé Hépíng Guǎngchǎng


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