The World's Largest Air Purifier Operates in Dalian 世界最大号空气净化器,在大连

Local News lovechina0401 published at 2017/07/03 00:51

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The world's largest air purifier has been installed outside the Summer Davos venue.



Dutch designer Daan Roosegaarde, the inventor, has brought the device while attending the Summer Davos as a youth delegate.

荷兰籍艺术家兼设计师丹 · 罗斯加德,带着他的作品来大连参加达沃斯了。

The seven-meter-tall Smog Free Tower is currently the world's largest air purifier.


It is designed to suck in 75 percent of pollutants and clean 30,000 cubic meters of air per hour, and consumes very little power.



The pollutants collected from the air purifier are made into diamond rings that cost €5 eachEach ring contains the pollutant that was sucked in from around 1000 m3 of air.


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In the future, Daan Roosegaarde will also bring his designed the air purifiers to other cities in China. We hope that in the near future, this device will bring us pure and healthy air.

未来,丹 · 罗斯加德还会带着他设计的空气净化器在中国其他城市展出,希望能在不久的将来看到它的应用,为我们带来纯净的空气。

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