Hai Zhi Yun World War II Aircraft Exhibition 海之韵二战飞机展

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This is China's first World War II Aircraft Exhibition!


Haizhiyun Aviation Expo Park Phase I has officially opened, and the exhibition will last for 3 months. There are more than 20 models of aircrafts parked here, including World War II military aircrafts, the Vietnam War military aircrafts, China early fighters, foreign military trainers and so on. The exhibition also includes several aircraft models from companies such as Boeing, Beech, and Cessna which were produced during the time span of almost a hundred years. You can also sit in the cockpit and see the aircrafts from a different angle, or play with your kids at the children's aviation park on site!


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The United States' most famous biplane during the World War II, "Stearman" A.K.A. "Kaydet", made by The Boeing Company


Date:5 August - 5 November 2017

Venue:Dōnggǎng Hǎi Zhī Yùn Qīn Hǎi Mù Zhàndào dōng duān (东港海之韵亲海木栈道东端)


Normal: 50 RMB/person

Students & senior citizens (60 years and older): 30 RMB/person

Kids under 1 m in height: FREE

How to get there:

By Metro Line 2, get off at Hǎi Zhī Yùn zhàn (海之韵站) to B exit (B出口), it is recommended to follow navigation or map while walking.






Source: Hǎi Zhī Yùn Hángkōng


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