X Gallery: Children's Art Workshop - Printmaking X Gallery:儿童艺术工作坊——版画创作

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1. Visit the "Party of the Wroclaw Professors" exhibition, and the artist Mr. Jan will explain the theme of each exhibits and techniques, so that the children understand the history of prints.

2. After the visit, you will do some creative work and make prints based on a fairy tale that you like!

3. Upon completion of the work, Mr. Jan will lead you to put all your works together to complete a collective work, so that you can experience the fun of being a little curator.

Date:Saturday, 19 August 2017

Time:10:00 - 20:00

Venue:X Gallery

Address:Xī Gǎng qū Zhòngxià lù 19-2 hào / 西岗区仲夏路19-2号

Fee:128 RMB (includes materials and a cup of freshly-squeezed fruit juice)

How to get there:

By Bus 5路, 47路, 501路, 541路, or 702路, get off at Dàlián Yìshù Pǐn Zhōngxīn (大连艺术品中心) bus stop.

Registration contact:xart2014 (WeChat)



地点:西岗区仲夏路19-2号,X-Gallery · 未知空间

费用:128 元(包含材料费和一杯鲜榨果汁)


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