Dalian Metro Stations 30 Thousand E-books Free Download 大连地铁站内3万本电子书免费下载

Local News lovechina0401 published at 2017/08/25 06:39

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Have you noticed this awesome Metro facitlity?

In order to facilitate the public needs, Dalian City Library has provided e-books that can be "borrowed" by installing them to your device. You only need to scan the QR code on WeChat, and you can download a variety of best-selling books from the borrower.

E-lending machine ebook includes news, commentary, books, newspapers, magazines, pictures, audio books and video courses, and nearly 30 channel classification information. Electronic borrowers can also get uninterrupted updates for significant news from 160 mainstream newspapers of their picks.

With only 'scanning' on WeChat, you can download a variety of best-selling books from the lending machine for FREE. Absolutely convenient! 




只需要用微信“扫一扫”,就可以从借阅机上下载各种畅销书。每本书的大小根据内容从几兆到十几兆不等,不会浪费很多的手机流量,可以很快下载到手机上,而且全部免费。 绝对便民!

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