Jan 21st: AmCham Legal, Tax, Accounting Forum Meeting

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AmCham China North East Chapter is excited to begin this year with the Launch of a Legal, Tax and Accounting Forum.  

The purpose of this forum is to provide information to assist managers make informed decisions in each of these three areas, connect managers across businesses, bring knowledge in these areas to the international business community, and to expand the AmCham community.  

Each month, the Forum will feature a topic in one of the area of Legal, Tax or Accounting. Each session will be 1.5-2.5 hours long, and will consist of three parts: presentation of a key topic in one of the three areas, Q&A, and open discussion. 

Meetings will be held at different venues in Dalian according to topics, speakers and other conditions.  We are working on the missions to add significant values to our members by utilizing the skills of  professionals-so stay tuned!

January Session: Highlights and Challenges of New Foreign Investment Law

Time: January 21st, 2020 9:30-11:30am


Venue: Titan Road No.22 Nuode Mansion Floor 29, Shahekou District, Dalian - Beijing Dentons Law Offices, LLP (Dalian)

地址:大连市沙河口区体坛路22号诺德大厦29层 北京大成(大连)律师事务所

Topic: Understanding new foreign investment law and its implementation regulations and judicial interpretation.


Since January 1, 2020, the foreign investment law has been taking into effect, and the original foreign enterprise law, Sino-foreign joint venture law and Sino-foreign cooperative operation law have been abolished. Accordingly, the regulations for the implementation of the foreign investment law and the new judicial interpretation of foreign investment promulgated by the Supreme People's court are also implemented.


As a foreign-funded enterprise which already established and in operation, the implementation of the new laws will bring a series of impact and changes. For example, the board of directors is no longer the highest decision-making body, the board of shareholders and the board of supervisors need to be set up according to the requirements of the company law, and the previous investment contract and articles of association need to be adjusted accordingly. In addition, the new law has made more detailed provisions in investment protection, information reporting, security review, etc.


We hope to help enterprises better transit and make changes under the law and regulations through the presentation and discussion in the forum meeting.


Speaker: Binghua Li, Partner at Dentons


Experience and Expertise: Former judge, 19 years of professional attorney experience in contracts, negotiation, corporate affairs consulting, dispute resolution, private clients service among others. Admitted in both China and Illinois, USA.


Email: binghua.li@dentons.cn

Q&A and Discussion moderator: Neil Li,Partner at Dentons 答疑和讨论环节主持人:李铮,大成律师事务所合伙人

Expertise: Commercial legal services, including foreign investment and financing and finance, Corporate restructuring, capital market and debt issuance (overseas bonds and corporate bonds), cross-border M&A and investment, dispute resolution, filing of private fund managers, compliance  review (FCPA)


Email: li.zheng@dentons.cn







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