Mom-made Cross Stitches

Handcrafts Jessica published at 2015/11/02 14:26

Hi there, this is Jessica, I am representing my mom for her hand-made cross stitches here. First time to do sales, a bit shy haha.

Here is my mom.


She started her habit of making traditional Chinese handcrafts when she was in the middle school. I always tease her as a "bad student" o(*////▽////*)q. Had been working in the medical industry for more than 10 years, she moved to Dalian when I was one year old. Now making cross stitches has been her full time habit.

When it comes to a big day, my mom would like to give the items she made as gifts to family and friends, whom also include my foreign friends, to wish them best luck. So when I mentioned to her about this Dalianlaowai community, she said why not put the handcrafts online, maybe someone would be looking for a Chinese symbolic present. Then here we are.

As the items are purely hand-made, the stock is very limited, and each piece is different from the other. Apologize if there is any inconvenience.

Er……another thing, I am the "photographer", haha. Wish I learned more about photo taking before, hope the photos are not to hard to look at o(*////▽////*)q.

Alright, lets start.


THE Twelve Animals - double-sided - 58RMB

The twelve animals are famous as representing each year. A variety of arts have been used to show the images, inlcuding cross stitches. It is an easy gift to choose.

Size: 7cm*10cm. longest side 42cm























That is all this time, not sure if anyone would be interested, if do, please leave a comment. I will try to reply as soon as I can. Please notice the price is not including postage ( * ̄▽ ̄)((≧︶≦*). Hope you like them.

Nice day!

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