Foods & Snacks Thomas published at 2015/11/05 03:00

From Paule...

I will be selling baked stuff and ALL the  money will go to the homeless in the streets of Dalian,Dalian chinese orphanage,some widows and someone in dire need. 

  1. Sugar free granola bars:6 bars~60yuan and 12 bars~ 120yuan
  2. Sugat free apple pie:1 pie~7yuan 
  3. Healthy Breads:(banana bread,carrot bread,whole wheat oatmeal banana bread,butter bread,whole wheat brown bread)for 25yuan each
  4. Most amazing scones:1scone~5yuan 
  5. Moist delicious cupcakes(Chocolate,lemon and red velvet flavours):1cupcake~6yuan 
  6. Awesome chocolate brownies:7inch pan~60yuan
  7. Birthday cakes:(chocolate:220yuan;lemon:220yuan;red velvet:230yuan)

PS:For all the goods you can give more than the exact price just for your love,your care and support or you can simply donate via my account(for my account information please contact my whatsapp,wetchat or phone number with 15841102850)

Please place all your orders before Friday cause the fundraising money we want to compile everything by Tuesday thank you and have yourself a beautiful and peaceful day.

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