Singles night

Restaurants Shamrock published at 2015/11/10 01:57last from eserc 2019/11/05 01:17

All the single ladies (single men too), put yo hands up! This Wednesday is 11.11 so at Shamrock Irish bar we'll be having a singles night with a difference! When you arrive at the bar you will be given a number which you can wear for everyone to see! If you see someone you like, you can go to the bar staff and write a message for that person! Don't forget to write your number and theirs so the bar staff can deliver the message to the right person! Free entry! (We were told you can't put a price on love[擦汗]) Starting from 7pm at 三叶草酒吧中山广场鲁迅路2号!

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harry 2015/11/10 02:08 #1

will see if I can be there:)

Coutinho 2015/11/10 05:40 #2

how much is the entrance fee?

harry 2015/11/10 08:02 #3

@Coutinho It is written "Free entry!"

Coutinho 2015/11/10 08:25 #4


eserc 2019/11/05 01:17 #5

@harry single night.....