Meetup 34: Ice Skating

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It's winter in Dalian, but it doesn't mean you cannot go out and have some fun! Join us on our Meetup 34: Ice Skating. We will introduce you to the only ice skating ring place in Dalian and play together for 2 hours!


Dalian Laowai does not gain any money from this activity. And the activity will only be held if there are at least 10 participants.


Price: 70 RMB / person (2 hour playing + skating shoes + disposable socks)

Place: Dalian outlet city - Champion Rink(冠军溜冰场)

Time: Sunday, December 13th from 13.30 p.m.- 15.30 p.m.

How to join:

Long press or scan this QR code below to direct you straight to the group for this activity organized by Dalian Laowai.



Side Note: If the number of participant is less than 10 then we will cancel this meetup. We will also put limit the participants of this meetup to 30 people.

*Join fast please*.

How to go there:

(The Skating Place is near IKEA)

  • By Taxi: simply say: 宜家 / Yíjiā

  • By Bus: #18, #503, #410 #705 stop at 香炉礁/ Xiānglú jiāo

  • By LRT: line 3 stop at 香炉礁 / Xiānglú jiāo

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IF_Miao 2016/02/19 08:16 #1

yo,wats ur nationality

reginanicole 2016/03/01 01:34 #2

@IF_Miao Mine? Indonesian. Why?