IKEA | 宜家家居

A shopping center of furniture products.

Decathlon | 迪卡侬

Decathlon is supermarket specialized in selling sports clothes and equipment. 迪卡侬精准定位大众运动市场,致力于汇聚大众运动于一个屋檐下。

Sam's Club | 山姆会员店

Sam’s Club is devoted to providing high-quality goods, first-class service and equipment. 山姆会员店始终坚持提供优质的商品、一流的服务和设备。

Metro | 麦德龙

Metro is one of the world's largest retail and trading company with small and medium retailers, factories, hotels and restaurants committed to give their customers the most professional service. 麦德龙集团是全球最大的零售和贸易公司之一,致力于成为专业客户的超级仓库。

Outlet | 奥特莱斯

What makes this store so special is that offers things from various international brands at the most affordable prices. 它云集世界品牌,以最优惠的价格让大众都能享受国际时尚的新生活。

【fā xiàn Dalian】JiangYuan Archery Club | “将苑”带你体验传统弓箭

JiangYuan Archery Club is the only place in Dalian where you can have the experience of using a cold weapon.将苑冷兵器体验馆,目前大连唯一一家专业性冷兵器体验会馆。

Sun Asia Ocean World And Polar World | 圣亚海洋世界

The weather in Dalian is starting to become warm.

WINTER WONDERLAND: Dalian First Outdoor Ice Skating Rink

Dear Dalian Laowai's friends! Finally the first outdoor ice skating rink in Dalian starts to operate to serve you!

Tiger Beach Ocean Park | 老虎滩海洋公园

Are you just staying at home during this cold winter? How about we introduce you to one attraction place in Dalian?!

Local: Galleria | 凯丹广场

Dalian makes us happy again with new places.