【C-Pop】Jay Chou | 进来听歌

Welcome to DalianLaowai's new series, C-Pop! C-Pop is a series through which we introduce you to China's current pop culture. In this first season, we present you China's most popular singers and bands.

JiangYuan Archery Club | “将苑”带你体验传统弓箭

JiangYuan Archery Club is the only place in Dalian where you can have the experience of using a cold weapon.将苑冷兵器体验馆,目前大连唯一一家专业性冷兵器体验会馆。

【Local Life】Barata Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu | 骑士健身

It’s time to make yourself more handsome!

다롄시와 선양시에 있는 영사관 안내 | 各国驻沈阳、大连领事馆合辑(韩文版)

Top 10 Hotels In Dalian | 大连高端酒店TOP排行榜(英文版)

【fā xiàn Dalian】Kaiyang Equestrian Club | 凯洋国际马术俱乐部

Are you familiar with equestrianism?你了解马术吗?

List of Consulates in Shenyang and Dalian | 各国驻沈阳、大连领事馆合辑(中英文版)

Helpful information about consular services in Shenyang and Dalian. 有问题问度娘?不用不用,收藏这篇文章即可!

Good Halal Restaurants in Dalian | 大连好吃的清真餐厅(中英文版)

Are you a Muslim? Do you happen to be someone who detests pig products?

쇼핑센터 | 购物中心合辑(韩文版)

Dalian Yinggeshi Botanical Garden | 大连英歌石植物园

Call your friends to spend time together for enjoying the nature, play around or simply go out together!