Adorable Puppy looking for a home

Kennel Club mulan02 published at 2017/01/10 12:23last from harry 2017/01/14 02:04

Hi everyone. About a month ago I rescued a puppy from the cold. He's had all his shots and is now healthy,happy and strong but I can't keep him. He's 3months old and weighs 2.5kg. I haven't figured how to post photos @harry but he's adorable. If you or anyone you know would like to adopt Hero, please reply to this post :)

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harry 2017/01/10 15:02 #1

@mulan02 if you are posting from desktop site, then you can upload photos.

harry 2017/01/10 15:02 #2

@mulan02 mobile site does not support photo upload yet

harry 2017/01/12 06:04 #3

@mulan02 could you please share some photos here? we will repost it.

mulan02 2017/01/14 02:03 #4

Thank you :)

harry 2017/01/14 02:04 #5

@mulan02 no probs. you can share the link with others for quick shares